Corvallis, Oregon To Propose Plastic Bag Ban

reusable shopping bags

Reusable Shopping Bags

Corvallis, Oregon may become the second city in the state of Oregon to pass a plastic bag ban.  There could potentially also be a $.05 fee on paper bags as well, encouraging residents to use eco friendly reusable shopping bags.

Portland was the first city to ban plastic bags in Oregon in July of 2011.  Environmentalists are urging Corvallis to become the second Oregon city to ban plastic bags at the checkout counter.   Portland only targeted major outlets but Corvallis would like to apply the ban to all retailers.

The local Sierra Club group is striving to give City Council more than 1,000 signatures next month in favor of a proposed ordinance prohibiting single use plastic bags.  On October 21st and the 24th, the Sierra Club hosted a screening of the movie, “Bag It” at the Public Library and at Oregon State University to educate locals of the harm single use plastic bags do to the environment and encouraged people to start using reusable shopping bags instead.

For more information on this story, go to Oregon Live.

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