Cotton and Its Many Uses

Plastic Bag BanCotton is considered the natural world’s wonder fiber. Material made from cotton is not only durable and versatile, but comfortable and beautiful as well. Cotton is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable, making it a great fiber choice for environmentally-savvy consumers.

Cotton has been in use for thousands of years. Cotton fabric remnants from as far back as 5000 BC have been found in Mexico and India. Remnants have also been found in the United States from as far back as 500 BC.

Technology has made great strides in the advancement of growing better and more environmentally-friendly cotton crops. Insect and drought resistant varieties have been introduced making it better for the environment since they require less water and pesticide use. Yields have increased, making it possible to get more cotton out of the same acreage as in past years.

Cotton is the most commonly used fiber. This vegetable fiber is perfect for making clothing, hygienic care products, bath towels, sheets, yarn, fishnets, coffee filters, tents, gunpowder, tarps, cotton paper and many more everyday consumer goods. Parts of the cotton plant are even fed to livestock. Cotton is also a terrific choice for making reusable grocery bags.

One cotton reusable grocery bag can eliminate the need for a high number of disposable plastic or paper bags over its lifetime. The reusable cotton grocery bags supplied by Custom Grocery Bag are made from 100% organic cotton. They’re lightweight, durable and stylish. Their high quality construction ensures their longevity and when it’s time to dispose of them, rest easy knowing they are 100% biodegradable.

Distributing cotton reusable grocery bags to your consumers will not only provide them with an easy way to get their groceries and other purchases home, but it will also boost your environmental profile. There are many styles to choose from and reusable cotton grocery bags and totes are easily customizable with your company’s logo and message.

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