Custom Grocery Bags: Flexible or Firm?

Choosing from the selection at Custom Grocery Bags can be difficult because there are so many different items to choose from. Some businesses need flexible bags that are easy to fill. Others need firm bags that will retain their shape and hold heavy loads. Consider what sort of business you manage when making these choices.

At Custom Grocery Bags, we can help you set up your order today for any one of a range of custom totes or bags.

Flexible Custom Grocery Bags Are Simple

Flexible bags mirror single use bags. You will find that the material is thicker, biodegradable, and printed to perfection. In essence, you are handing out a bag to your customers that they can fold up when they are done with it. These bags are cheaper, and they allow your customers to collect them. That means that every time the customers pull out these bags, they will encounter your logo. This is easy passive marketing. This is also simple customer care.

Firm Bags Are Stronger

If you want to give away bags that a little bit more functional you might try bags with firm sides and bases. These bags will retain heir shape, and they can be used for very heavy loads. These bags are also very helpful when you would like give your customers something that feels like it is almost a couture item. You can print in full color around all sides in some cases. There are also cotton or jute bags that look as though they are made by hand.

When you place your order at Custom Grocery Bags, you will find that it is easy to choose between firm and flexible. Grocery stores and farmers markets might want flexible bags. Gift shops or boutiques likely need bags with firm sides and supportive bases.

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