Food Waste: How to Help Your Community

Food waste is an issue that impacts communities around the world. You can learn more about it here, but you also want to do your part. Reducing waste and managing an eco-friendly business can help your community. With the tips listed here, you can make a difference.

Check out Custom Grocery Bags, order reusable bags or totes, and help your community improve. You can help reduce food waste. Also, you can become a beacon for change in your region.

How Significant is Food Waste?

A study from Penn State notes that the average Americanhousehold wastes 31.9% of the food it buys. While this may be shocking, remember that the bags also get thrown out. First, you lose the food. Second, you lose the plastic bag it came in.

Improved food storage and shopping can reduce food waste. Plus, businesses can push consumers to make better choices with a few simple changes.

Improved Food Shopping

You can put a stop to a lot of food waste with better shopping. Planning to shop for food helps consumers only buy what they need. Simply, it means you have less food to waste.

Improved shopping include preparing for shopping with reusable totes or bags. Additionally, you don’t want your customers to lose over $1800 a year. That’s how much the average family wastes.

How Can Businesses Help Reduce Food Waste?

Businesses, like yours, can help reduce food waste. When you offer reusable bags to consumers, you can actually choose the proper bags for your products. Consider—what do you sell? A fruit stand should offer small bags for small batches of fruit. Bakers can use bags that only fit a few loaves of bread. If you sell drinks or water, use larger bags meant just for those products.

Your business, aside from custom-designed and reusable bags, can recommend how much customers need when shopping. Post recipes. Advertise nutrition facts. For example, post CDC recommendations for child fruit and vegetable intake. Customers can multiply the number of children they have by the recommended fruit intake. This is far better than simply dumping as many items in a bag as possible.

Plus, customers need to save space if they are packing reusable bags instead of an endless supply of plastic bags.

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You can order today, help your customers make good choices, and even introduce some marketing potential. In the end, you’re helping our community reduce waste and remain environmentally-healthy.

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