The danger of plastic bags

29399018_lMy EcoThere are many reasons why one should switch from plastic bags to ones that are more environmentally friendly. For starters, plastic bags cost more money to recycle then they do to produce so most recycling places will not accept them. When plastic bags are thrown away into landfills they last anywhere from 15 years to over 1,000. The bags don’t biodegrade, and have the risk of photo degradation, which is when the light exposure dissolves them into toxic polymer particles. This poses a major threat to the environment around the landfills. Another threat plastic bags present is danger to wildlife. It is estimated that these bags are responsible for a surplus of 100,000 animals dying a year. Over 170 different species ranging from birds to whales, have been recorded as dying from a plastic bag incident. By switching to reusable bags, the earth would be a much cleaner, and safer place. 

The average American uses 340-500 plastic bags a year. At an average life span of 75 years, which would mean they would go through approximately 35,000 bags in a life time. Where as a person who uses a re-usable bag, which last approximately 7 years, would only go through 10. Over a billion plastic bags are produced each year, with no where for these bags to be disposed of properly, that is a potential billion hazards. Its clear that plastic bags are dangerous for the environment. Make the switch now, get reusable eco friendly bags!

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