Dinner for National Best Friends Day

National Best Friends Day is June 8th, 2021, and it’s time to start planning the perfect meal. Invite your best friend over, have a Skype dinner, and create the perfect day for you and the person who is closest to you.

At Custom Grocery Bags, we have all the options you need to set up the perfect meal for your best friend.

Best Friends and Bags

When you are ready to create the perfect meal for National Best Friends Day, make sure you have a bag to carry everything. If you own a business, we can customize a massive order of bags just for the holiday. We make the process easy so you can get to cooking or selling with these bags.


You need appetizers for your big dinner. Whether you are hosting, bringing food, or sending your friend a care package in the bag you chose, you need appetizers. A new veggie tray, dip, or cheese and meats.

The Main Course

Choose a protein that makes the most sense for the meal. Pork, steak, chicken, and even lamb are great options. Make sure you bring small cuts so they will be easy to cook. If you want to go vegetarian, you can look into a heartier meal with eggplant, artichokes, or even squashes.


Everybody loves cookies. You could do simple order or fudge, or you might send over their favorite candies. Make the meal more fun because best friends know each other — and you know their favorite dessert.


When you are choosing drinks. make sure you go with wine, beer, or cocktails. Try to stick to just one style of drink so that it doesn’t get too complicated. If you love wine, buy the largest bottle they have. When you love beer, choose a special six pack you two can share. If you love cocktails, buy all the fixings to make — maybe a Baybreeze? Sending over coconut run, pineapple juice, and cranberry is easier enough.

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Place your order with Custom Grocery Bags today. You can easily create the perfect bag for National Best Friends Day, sell it through your business, or give it away while selling dinner sets. Contact us online or call 1-888-234-1657 for more information.

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