Discovery Center in Murfree Spring Hosts a Unique Recycling Event

reusable bags The residents of Murfree Spring had an exciting weekend, thanks to an innovative recycling event that was hosted by the Discovery Center. This event, named “Planet Art”, was organized to spread a message on the importance of recycling among the young residents of the locality and it gave parents an opportunity to learn about the environment, along with their children.

What did the event involve?

This two-hour event, “Planet Art”, gave all the residents a forum to create art pieces alongside their children. The residents had the option of working with a few local artists at the event as well. Since the theme of the event was recycling, all the artwork at the event depicted recycling in unique ways. Jennifer Neal, the Communications Coordinator at Discovery Center, stated that the center had invited many local artists to join the event, as they felt that the artists would be able to explain the concepts of recycling in an innovative way. According to her, the presence of these artists at the event kept the guests entertained and engaged at all times.

The event managers had invited three artists to help them in their cause, namely, Leslie Roberts, Tara Syester, and Brecca Theele. Each of these artists created artworks with a group of guests and emphasized on the importance of the environmental issue that they were covering. Leslie Roberts, for instance, involved the guests in an artwork on wetlands. During the course of this activity, she discussed the importance of preserving natural sites like wetlands.

A local artist helped guests recycle plastic bags into eco-friendly promotional items

The second artist, Tara Syester, involved the guests in a weaving project, to help them recycle plastic bags. The artist showcased how plastic bags used for grocery could be woven into many interesting products, such as necklaces, handbags, and various forms of junk jewelry. The kids at the event enjoyed this workshop the most and were thrilled to make their own eco-friendly promotional items.

Another initiative by the Discovery Center

The Discovery Center hosted another event as the “Planet Art” on the same day. In the evening, they invited all the children in the vicinity, for a tour of the museum. The interesting part of this event was that it was meant only for children and the parents were not allowed to accompany them. The organizers of the event stated that they wanted all the children to discover the museum on their own, so they restricted the event only for children between the age group of 4 to 12 years.


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