Disposing Trash Sensibly and Choosing Wiser Alternatives

Reusable bagsHousehold Hazardous Products Drop-Off is a drop-off site at Chestnut Hill. The site is built for the convenience of people who’d like to dispose their household trash in an environment-sensitive way.

A similar initiative has been taken by the recycling facility at Onslow County. Sonoco, a global provider for packaged services and products has installed equipment at Meadow view Landfill to collect discarded material and recycle them effectively.

Material recovery facility for household trash

Hazardous products that could be disposed at the material recovery facility include unused oil paint, cleaning agents, mothballs, propane tanks, bleach, pesticides and fertilizers that are often dumped in the basements of homes. It could all mean electronic waste like unused kitchen appliances, discarded fluorescent light bulbs and used batteries.

In case of larger equipment, the residents can choose to avail the product pick-up service.  The products that fall in this category are televisions, printers, computers, large metal pieces, refrigerators, air conditioners and stoves. People can also discard prescribed medicines that are unwanted or expired at a kiosk at the site.

In order to lessen hazardous waste in homes, try to use environment friendly alternatives for household cleaning, garden care and home improvement. Organic products can be used as effective substitutes for fertilizers and pesticides.

Encouraging use of wholesale reusable bags

In a move to minimize plastic usage,San Luis Obispo County issued a ban on plastic bags. Most of the supermarkets had been urging customers, nearly a month before the ban, to get their own reusable bags.

The ordinance is levied on supermarkets, sports goods, home improvement stores, convenience stores, pharmacies and department stores having retail space of 10,000 square feet or more. The stores are however allowed to distribute paper bags charged at 10 cents.

The Authority Board for Integrated Waste Management says the initiative is an effort to be more environment-sensitive. It is also required for the supermarkets to stock wholesale reusable bags and put them up for sale.

The move has invoked varied response from the shoppers. Some of them agree that it is a good way to curb the usage of plastic while others are unhappy with the mandated charges on paper bags. Nevertheless, the move has prompted shoppers to add reusable bags to their shopping lists. A large number of cities in the United Stated have adopted strict bans on plastic bags, considerably increasing the popularity of reusable totes.

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