Eco Friendly Back to School Tips

9842779_lAs summer is winding down, the thought of school is getting closer. For kids, its the end of staying up late and sleeping in. Whether it’s hanging out with friends by the pool, or going to camp with all your friends, summer is when memories are made. Unfortunately the leisurely ways of summer are quickly ending. For parents, back to school is a hectic time when they have to buy supplies, clothes, and grocery shop for kids lunches. Shopping for all this can be frustrating and  seem completely unmanageable. So trying to get everything and stay eco friendly would be impossible right? Wrong! Here are some quick, cheap, and easy ways to stay environmentally friendly while getting ready to go back to school :

1. Re-use school supplies. Don’t go out and buy a brand new industrial size box of pens, use the ones you’d already have laying around. Same for pencils, but if you do tend to break them a lot, buy ones from recycled wood.  As far as paper goes, most big name stores including Staples and Office Max sell recycle notebooks as well as recycled printer paper.

2.  Pack lunches in a reusable bag. Instead of using brown paper bags and plastic bags, buy a reusable insulated cooler bag for your child’s lunch. The eco bags are good for the environment and last for many years.

3.  Car Pool or take the bus. Parents should talk with their neighbors and come up with a weekly plan on carpooling students to school. If you live near by the school walking or riding bicycles with your children to school would be the best option. It teaches kids the importance of exercise and also cuts down on carbon monoxide emissions into the air.

Its fitting that getting ready for school, and going green fit together. As Nelson Mandela Says, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Do your part to help change this world. GO GREEN and good luck in school!

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