Eco-Friendly Food Brands at Grocery Stores

Aside from bringing your reusable grocery bags, there are other ways to show you are environmentally aware while grocery shopping and that is with the food you purchase. Become a label reader and choose the healthiest food for you, your family and your planet. Look for products that are labeled natural, organic or sustainable for healthy eco-friendly foods.

As a part of the green living initiative, many food brands have begun to adopt environmentally sound practices and natural ingredients for their products. Selecting eco-friendly products can lead to better personal health, as these companies avoid using harmful chemicals and practices in processing their products.

Look for products that are natural and organic and choose products that don’t rely on additives, preservatives and dyes. Read the front and back label to ensure the products are what they say they are. Not everything labeled as natural or organic are exactly what they say they are.

You don’t have to go out of your way to find eco-friendly food brands. Many are available at your local grocery store, including Annie’s, Clif and Newman’s Own Organics, to name just a few. Many of these companies also cater to customers with special diets, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free, and offer specialized products. Easy online research will tell you which products are the best choices and which ones to avoid for deceptive labeling.

Food production involves many steps and unfortunately, some of these steps involve chemicals and procedures that harm the environment. Look for foods labeled sustainable as they are grown and farmed in ways that won’t harm the land. Reading labels and being aware of what is in your food and the conditions under which it is produced are the best choices for you and our planet.

Of course, choosing and eating whole foods are a great way to keep additives and preservatives out of your diet. Look for fresh, organically grown produce and whole grains as a big part of your healthy food choices and environmental awareness. supports the eco-friendly lifestyle. Take one of our great reusable grocery bags with you when you shop for environmentally safe products.

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