Eco-Sensitive and Economically Vital: The Western Ghats

Sustainability is a large part of the economic conversation. It’s important to care for the environment, but the intersection of the environment and earning a living can be tricky. In the Western Ghats—a mountain range in western India—there is a clash between the livelihoods of the locals and protecting the local ecosystem. You can learn more here.

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UNESCO and the Western Ghats

The Western Ghats are a beautiful expanse that stretches down the western coast of India. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, marking the natural beauty of the region. However, the region is also under scrutiny by the Indian government. It could be deemed an eco-sensitive zone, impacting the local economy.

The Western Ghats Economy

The Western Ghats economy is based on agriculture. The locals have adopted eco-friendly agricultural practices, and that has helped to maintain the natural beauty of the area. However, the local government of the Karnataka region is against deeming this area an eco-sensitive zone, noting that it could impact the local economy.

The simplicity of the region is in the fact that is can remain agrarian. However, changing that could remove any economic stability the local population has. There must be a way to compromise. You can learn more here.

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