Eco Vocabulary Every Community Should Get to Know

When you start looking into helping the environment, you will stumble upon an eco vocabulary. It is changing every year, and many of the words might surprise you. Learn as much as you can so that you can help your community or business. You can learn more about how language is changing here.

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What is Eco Vocabulary?

There’s a word for everything. The language is changing every day. Once upon a time, “clutch” was a word that meant cool. Now, it’s just something you use to shift gears in your car or a tiny handbag. In the same way, words come about to describe the environmental crisis that you would never have thought of before.

Biodegradable: Eco Vocabulary for Today

This isn’t the first time you’ve heard the word. However, biodegradable bags have a place in the “single use exodus”. As you learn about the way we talk about the environment, you should not avoid biodegradable products. They can be given out as an alternative to single use plastics, but they don’t harm the environment.

You can learn even more about this word and more here.

The Closed Loop

While it can be difficult to operate in a closed loop, you should consider it. In a closed loop, everything is recycled and reused. This means there is basically no waste. Yes, you may purchase new materials to add to the system, but there’s no true waste. It might take some time to make this happen for your business, but it’s a noble pursuit. Add this word to your eco vocabulary as a business owner on any scale.


Another interesting yet difficult option is becoming a localvore. This means you only consume and use local food products. Yes, this could be a challenge. However, it is an interesting and worthwhile pursuit. In the process of learning about local food and drinks, you never know what you will find. Support local businesses, prevent the massive waste of energy in shipping of products, and eat well.

Taking all this into account and more is especially helpful as you hope to transform your business or community. Your eco vocabulary can be a large part of your new business plan.

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