Electronics Packed With Recycled Materials

Electronics are some of the most complex things we build. Unfortunately, there are many wasteful practices in the industry. You can learn more about Samsung’s promise to go to recycled packaging by 2025 here. Plus, you can look at how your business can make changes that will impact the community. While you cannot make all these changes at once, you can adjust how you see your business and how you plan to move forward.

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Why Package Electronics With Recycled Materials?

When you buy electronics, many of them are packed in plastic. This is not only obvious, but it can be dangerous. There was a push in the late 90s and early 2000s to move to safe packaging. Executives from major electronics firms were even asked to open packages without hurting themselves, demonstrating how bad hard plastic is for the consumer.

Unfrotunately, that has given way to softer plastic that is still bad for the planet. As a business like yours moves to recycled bags, others need to consider more eco-friendly packaging options. Why? Because a large corporation can go through tons and tons of packing materials every day. Everyone can do their part.

Upcycling at Home

Upcycling at home is a big part of making electronics purchases more eco-friendly. Yes, companies like Samsung are planning to go green, but are you going green? Keep those boxes because they might serve well for storage. They might help when you move. You might be able to break down the box and use the cardboard for crafts, etc. Your business can do the same, or you might give the boxes to people who need them, just like bigbox retailers often do.

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