Encourage Your Customers to Adopt “Think Green Thursdays”

eco friendlyA number of eco-friendly movements have begun to emerge in today’s society in addition to reusable grocery bags to encourage a healthier lifestyle and bring attention to sustainability. Joining Meatless Mondays and Waste-Free Wednesdays is “Think Green Thursday!” Motivate your customers and employees to join the movement through inspiration.

Make Think Green Thursdays a standard part of the workweek for employees and customers. Encourage composting, donating used clothing instead of tossing it away, recycling eligible products and reusing items that can’t be recycled. Reinforce ideas that reduce landfill waste with a few easy to follow practices.

One easy practice to promote is the use of reusable grocery bags. They can be used for much more than just carrying groceries. Suggest using them as lunch bags, gym bags or general purpose tote bags. Remind your employees and customers of the hazards and waste affiliated with single-use plastic bags.

Inspire them to go the entire day using a bare minimum of disposable products. Educate your employees and customers of the importance of bringing a reusable water bottle to work and of the importance of using cloth towels instead of paper. For lunch, encourage them to bring utensils and plates from home instead of disposable containers and packaging. Each step taken against disposable products and waste is a green step.

If you’re dedicated to the green movement, dedicate a little time each Thursday to tending and expanding your home garden!  Popularize this tradition with your customers and employees. For everything they grow at home themselves it means less packaging, less harmful chemical use and less fuel used for transportation to market. Every action to cut back on waste helps to reduce everyone’s carbon footprint.

Have your customers encourage their children to be a part of Think Green Thursdays. Promote eco-friendly school supplies or prompt them to walk to school together instead of driving. Spur them to encourage their peers and the next generation to carry on conservation principles far into the future.

Learn more ways to adopt Think Green Thursdays at our website, and remember to always lead by example. Show your customers and your employees that you and your organization believes in the value of a healthy planet and green living. Get your customers started with one of our great, reusable grocery bags. One small bag is a major step in reducing your carbon footprint.

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