Environmental Protection Agency of USA Finalized Cleanup Plan for Newark

Eco firendly itemsUSA’s Environmental Protection Agency has given the okay signal for the cleanup process of the White Chemical Corporation Superfund site’s contaminated ground water. The site is in Newark, New Jersey, and is built over the area wherein the ground water is extremely contaminated, which is ruining the ecological balance of the entire environment.

Previous industrial activities led to ground water contamination

The ground water under the White Chemical Corporation Superfund Newark,, is entirely contaminated with pollutants and volatile organic compounds. Most of the compounds found in the water are mainly from industrial activities that took place on this site in the past. Volatile organic compounds are known to cause really serious damage to the health of people and animals, and cause harm to the environment.

The approved cleanup process of the entire site will involve the injection of various chemicals into the contaminated ground water, which will eventually break down this contamination. After this is done, the use of the ground water will be completely restricted and the water content will be constantly monitored. USA’s EPA also held a public meeting on 2nd August in Newark, in order to explain the proposed cleanup plan.

From eco-friendly promotional items to ground water cleanup, EPA working hard

With great support from various environmental organizations and the residents of most cities, the entire country of the United States of America is attempting to go green. It started with recycling of materials and garbage, and went to the usage of wholesale reusable bags and now it is about cleaning up contaminated water bodies..

Regarding this contaminated water cleanup plan, the EPA took comments from the public for almost 60 days before finalizing the entire plan. Of the entire plan, the final stage addresses the contaminated water. After extensive research, the EPA has finally concluded it is not really advisable or feasible to pump out all the ground water and treat it. Firstly, the entire process is expensive, and secondly, the rock formations underneath site pose great technical challenged while lifting the water out.

Bioremediation required instead of pumping out water

Instead of pumping out the ground water and treating the contamination, EPA has decided to follow a procedure called bioremediation. It involves certain chemicals being injected into the contaminated ground water in order to start the breakdown of the pollutants present.

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