EPA States Cleanup Process of Kalamazoo River Requires More Work

Eco friendlyThe Environmental Protection Agency of the United States of America notified Enbridge in the first week of October 2012 that a lot more work is necessary in the cleaning up of the Kalamazoo in Michigan. Enbridge is one of the leading American energy delivering facilities and is also considered to be one of the top most sustainable corporations in the United States of America.

Oil spill from company pipeline in 2010

The United States Environmental Protection Agency told Enbridge that the company has to put in more effort with the cleaning up process of the oil in the river of Michigan. It is the duty of the company to help in restoring the river’s previous environment as the oil spill happened due to the leakage of Enbridge’s company pipeline. The incident occurred in July, 2010 and the clean up process is still in progress.

Apart from this, the Environmental Protection Agency is also proposing clean up action in the future at Ceresco Dam, Battle Creek Dam and also in the delta region of Morrow Lake. EPA of USA is looking into these projects and hopes to collect enough funds for the clean up processes.

Clean up process to begin soon and eco-friendly promotional items to be used

While going ahead with the clean up process of the Kalamazoo River, it is advisable for the company to use eco-friendly promotional items and products, in order not to cause more harm to the rest of the environment. Usage of harmful chemical components will further degrade the entire ecosystem and lead to further loss of environmental resources.

Enbridge has about ten days to request for a conference with the Environmental Protection Agency to further discuss the work specified. According to the EPA’s proposed order to Enbridge, the company has about thirty days to submit any written comment regarding the clean up process. Irrespective of the new proposed work, the prior orders of EPA to the company regarding the restoration and clean up of the Kalamazoo River system still is in effect.

In a report to the EPA back in July 2010, Enbridge explained the rupturing of the 30 inch pipeline in the Michigan River. The heavy rain in that season carried the oil spill into the existing dams upstream and polluted the entire river system.

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