Fall Produce: Hearty Eats to Try After Labor Day Weekend

Just like the working and men and women of America deserve a day off, summer vegetables deserve a whole season off. We don’t wear white after Labor Day, but there are certain foods we don’t eat until the seasons change and we can smell autumn in the air. Take a look at some fall produce that you can finally break out after Labor Day.

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The Ultimate Fall Produce: Squash

Squash is the perfect fall vegetable, and it always makes you feel like it should be cold outside. However, which squash will you choose? A lot of people go for plain yellow squash. Why?

You can make the ultimate fall casserole—squash casserole. Sauté some onions in a pan with butter and slice your yellow squash into thin circles. Cook everyone together for just a few moments. Grab your favorite crackers, break them up in the baking dish, pour over the squash mixture, and cover with cheese.

If you want the casserole to be heavier, you can add a couple beaten eggs. Maybe add some milk to the mixture before pouring into the baking dish. Run it in the oven until it’s golden brown.

The Coolest Fall Produce: Arkansas Black Apples

The coolest apple of all time is the Arkansas Black. It is hearty, dark, and holds up well to cooking. Also, this means you can make stewed apples.

Chop your Arkansas Blacks into chunks, cook in a pot over low heat with some butter, a little apple juice, a pinch of salt, and some nutmeg. Plus, f you plan to slice the apples and come back to cook them later, make sure you dip them in a bowl of lemon juice so they don’t turn brown on you.

Cook down the apples until they make this perfect little stew. The apples are soft, and the mixture inside the pot thickens up quite nicely.

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