Farmers Market Season–Make a Delivery

As the farmers market season approaches, you should learn how to do a delivery for your most vulnerable customers. They either do not want to attend, or you cannot remain open like you once did. There is a way around that with nice custom bags, and those bags can do more marketing for you than the event ever did. Plus, that means you can operate for longer and continue to sell out without worrying about scheduling time to visit with customers.

At Custom Grocery Bags, we make sure that you get the best bags for all your farmers market deliveries and more.

Why Delivery Outside the Farmers Market?

When you want to keep operating your market, you can deliver throughout the year. People don’t want to attend because of COVID-19, or the gathering isn’t even open. You can handle very clean, no-contact deliveries using a customized bag. Your name, logo, and contact info goes on the bag. Order bags in different colors for different things. All the dairy goes in the white bag, fish in the blue bag, meat in the red bag, and produce in the green bag. You can even print on the bag what it is carrying. This is not only simple but fun for your customers.

Go to the Customer

A quick delivery is much easier than expecting customers to show all masked and ready to go. You can leave the bag with the customer and a copy of their invoice or the list of products they received. This makes it simple for you to remain organized and remind customers what they bought.

Try the Odd Balls

You might also start a service with, say a purple bag, that sells odd ball produce–it isn’t pretty, but it tastes good. You can give your customers a small discount, but they’re still buying even though the market is otherwise closed.

Shop with us at Custom Grocery Bags today to get the bags you need for a new delivery service that keeps your farmers market going.


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