Farmers Markets Growing in the United States

Reusable bags wholesaleThe United States Department of Agriculture made an announcement on Friday that there has been an increase in farmers markets that engage in direct sales by 9.6% in the previous year, with New York and California heading the list.

The Deputy Secretary of the USDA, Kathleen Merrigan says that farmers markets form a critical ingredient of the country’s food system. Not only do these outlets offer benefits to farmers in search of important opportunities for income, but also to all the people that are looking for healthy and fresh foods. Environment friendly buyers of fresh producers may carry wholesale reusable bags to shop. Following eighteen years of stable increases, the country has 7,864 farmers markets registered with the United States Department of Agriculture at the moment.

Local and fresh produce in demand

Organizations like Slow Food began operations in 1989 to deal with junk-food, fast-food lifestyles, and have ignited the demand for local, fresh produce. One of the shoppers at a farmers market called Fresno’s Vineyard; Tracy Stuntz said that eating organically and locally is what her family prefers. When you enter any grocery store, produce appears the same, but the farmers markets have green onions and yellow zucchini that are longer than a foot – the kind of produce that can’t be found elsewhere.

Use wholesale reusable bags to carry produce

Some markets nowadays have gained so much popularity that farmers have wait-lists to sell their produce there, and this includes one of the most diverse and largest of all – San Francisco based farmers market called Ferry Plaza. Farmers from all parts of the United States go there three days each week to earn income from the sales of vegetables, fruits, cheeses and artisan breads to the shoppers who come in thousands, including some of the best chefs. Shoppers are advised to use wholesale reusable bags to carry their produce

The San Francisco Bay market is going to celebrate its twentieth birthday. A spokesperson for the centre, Liz Hunt says that there were just three markets in San Francisco when they started, but at present, they boast of 29. Heirloom Organic Gardens’ Grant Brian’s sells over 200 varieties of fruit, herbs and vegetables that are grown on San Benito County’s farms, about hundred miles away from San Francisco.

The executive director of the center, Dave Stockdale said that farmers markets were empowering consumers into actively supporting their communities. Consumers can now be educated about the various unique produce and how they can be prepared through the center.


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