Few Ways to Make Your Home More Environmental Friendly

Eco friendly homeBuildings in the USA account for at least 65% of the country’s electrical consumptions and almost 30% of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions, says a report from the Department of Energy (DOE). Water conservation, energy efficiency, waste reduction and recycling are all the different strategies, which can help the citizens of the US reduce their carbon footprint. It also helps in promoting a greener and cleaner environment.

Looking for the label

Around 1992, the EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency introduced an Energy Star program, which awarded a label called the Energy Star label to various products that meet the standards of energy efficiency. Also, this is one way by which the customers can easily identify various products that can help them save money on the long run. In case the energy saving features of the item is making it more expensive than the usual products, then the manufacturer is supposed to prove that these extra costs will be recovered through savings.

Switch to using wholesale reusable bags

Sustainable living and helping the environment is something that every citizen in the world must follow. Using plastic covers and bags will only harm the environment and cause harm to the wildlife and cause imbalance in the environment. Switch to seed paper and reusable totes and you can see how the increasing levels of pollutions come down. Also, these bags are pocket-friendly and extremely safe for the environment.

Use energy efficient lighting

Almost 18 percent of a house’s electrical usage is because of lighting, according to what the Energy Information Administration has found. Traditional bulbs have been replaced with better alternatives such as compact fluorescents, light-emitting diodes and solar powered lighting. All these are not only practical alternatives but are also affordable, and help in conserving electrical energy.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Since resources and energy is extremely important in manufacturing products, the beast and most eco-friendly way for consumers to help save the environment is by reusing, reducing and recycling. For instance, when any new purchases are needed buying products that are closer to home helps in reducing the energy used and transportation costs. Reuse glass jars for storage purposes and utilize coffee grounds as natural fertilizer for your garden.

Consumers need to extend the life of all their purchased products so that the amount of waste generated and disposal issues will be reduced.

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