Fort Polk Takes Measures to Save the Environment

RecyclingThe army installation of Fort Polk is steered by the idea to conserve the environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling waste. The environmental programs, Net Zero Waste and Qualified Recycling, support Fort Polk in its eco-friendly endeavors. Both the programs have been initiated by the Directorate of Public Works.

Waste Center inaugurated

Recently members of Fort Polk witnessed the extravagant opening ceremony of the waste center at the Maine and Georgia avenues junction. The waste center was set up as part of the Net Zero Waste program.

Earlier, Fort Polk was nominated to be one of the 6 pilot installations committed to attain zero level of solid waste in landfills. 2020 was set as the target year for the plan and four workforces were vested with the responsibility of fulfilling the mission.

The workforces could make recommendations to drive the implementation of the work plan. Recommendations were made based on the fundamental function of Fort Polk to train, deploy, feed, equip, maintain, and build personnel for the welfare of the installation.

Ted Hammerschmidt, an environmental contractor of the Fort Polk Qualified Recycling Program said that the opening ceremony of the Net Zero Waste Center was one of the many achievements of the workforces.

Hammerschmidt compared the theory of sustainability to the three core economic layers that comprised people, profit, and planet oriented motives. 11 other environmental projects are also approved and due to be implemented in the days to come.

Avoiding landfill overflow by recycling waste into eco friendly promotional items

In the year 2011, nearly 24 million pounds of Fort Polk’s solid waste was discarded in landfills. The landfills are storage facilities which are likely to develop crevices and cracks; this leads to the possibility of pollutant leakage into the environment.

The landfill at Fort Polk situated at Sabine Parish now serves as a rainwater harvesting site. In Fort Polk, the water sites are aquifers that cater to large parts of Louisiana.

A powerful impact is made on the environment as well as the community with the decisions based on the triple layer policies. The three facets of the decisions are the environment, community, and mission. In this way, the decisions have a far-reaching effect on the natural resources.

The audience was challenged to perceive the triple layer policy in three different ways before exercising individual recycling efforts to support the production of useful eco friendly promotional items. Hammerschmidt said it was important that the mission to save the environment be adopted by civilians and military personnel alike.


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