Global Soap Project: Improving People’s Health by Recycling Utilized Soap

Eco friendly products soap  Even though soap is part of a daily routine for most people, it can be a luxury for   many in Asia and Africa. People in parts of these continents received bars of soap, when a shipment was sent from Atlanta to some of these places such as Africa. The initiative was made possible by Global Soap Project, which is a non-profit organization that was founded by Sarah and Derreck Kayongo in the year 2009.

By supplying the underprivileged of certain parts of Asia and Africa with bars of soap, the group is trying to provide basic comforts to the people living there. What is even more amazing is that the group utilizes bars of soap from hotels to make the soap bars, which are delivered to the people in parts of Asia and Africa. Recycling is not just about plastics and reducing waste, but also about helping the less privileged people get the basic comforts in life.

Sam Stephens explains the novel experiment

Explaining the novel experiment, the Global Soap Project’s creative director Sam Stephens said that over five thousand pounds of soap is delivered every week to the organization’s warehouse, from various hotels. The soaps come in batches on a daily basis, which the warehouse collects and sorts on the basis of content and color.

It is quite important that they segregate the soaps on the basis of their content and color so that the organization does not mix ingredients such as glycerin and oatmeal, and colors. Which otherwise can’t be processed in the machines. Once this is done, the soap is ground and passed through a machine, which makes the soap. The final product slips out of the machine and is shinier and in a new avatar.

Use eco-friendly promotional items such as recycled soap bars

Using eco-friendly promotional items such as reusable bags, recycled soaps and other items will not help save the environment but will also helping in building a sustainable future. A new bar of soap is usually about hundred grams and every new bar made is rested for pathogens in the laboratory.

Once all this is done and the bars are certified, they are packed into small boxes and sent by ship to the various countries. In August, about 120,000 soap bars were sent to Malawi, wherein the soaps were packed with water hygiene kits and were given to pregnant women.


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