Going Green with Reusable Lunch Totes Becoming a Popular Trend

eco firendly bagConcept-wise, the lunch bag isn’t really a new idea, but reusable lunch totes are growing increasingly popular each day, with quite a number of options to choose from. Brown paper bags and their reusable versions have been the popular options for many years and come with spill-resistant and insulated materials, so that it is easier to clean.

Reusable lunch totes are changing in style and appearance

The lunch totes are currently evolving and giving rise to a more distinct and more fashionable looking tote, which is also being used as a fashion accessory. The big story these days is how people are going green by not using brown paper bags, but by choosing alternative reusable lunch totes as options that are made out of cloth and other organic material.

Wholesale reusable bags made out of waxed canvas: Popular demand

Among the variety of options, wholesale reusable bags made out of waxed canvas is the current popular choice amongst adult users. The bag at the top rolls down just like a paper bag does, and can be fastened with copper rivets and leather straps, and is considered to be one of the simplest yet most elegant designs.  It is based on the brown paper lunch bag design but with a more classic and eco-friendly appeal to it.

The reusable lunch totes were initially priced at about $45 on the internet as they were eco-friendly, a new innovation and extremely fashionable, but as more people started buying them the prices were reduced as they began to be available at retail stores as well. Apart from the classic paper bag design, these cloth reusable totes also come in a blend of traditional shoulder and hand bag design, which can be used to store lunch in.

The handbag styled lunch tote has a minimal, sleek design and has a ‘vegan-friendly’ exterior since it is made out of hemp fabric along with faux leather on the inside. A lunch tote has a insulated lunch sack on the inside with a mesh ice pack pouch, along with a beverage holder. Since it comes with so many lunch-friendly options, reusable totes are moving off the racks in retail stores, quite quickly.

Most of these totes come in machine-washable and stretchable materials, which can double as multi-purpose reusable totes as well. People prefer to invest in quality totes these days, so they don’t mind spending a little extra for these eco-friendly promotional items.

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