Green Travel Destinations: British Classics Go Eco

A few notable British travel destinations are going green, and this could inspire other community leaders. You can learn more about these classic destinations here. Plus, you can learn something from these locations or recommend this information to travel enthusiasts in your life, travel agents, or even your local government.

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Classic British Destinations Go Green

The classic Tate Modern art gallery is using massive tanks on the roof to gather rainwater and cut down on its consumption. It’s a small thing, but it makes a big difference when the museum has nearly six million visitors a year; they have to use the facilities eventually.

Restaurants at the Somerset House are giving up single-use plastics. The Somerset House will also plant a beautiful forest that can help replenish the atmosphere that much more quickly. You can learn about Somerset’s initiatives here. That makes quite an impact when the historic structure has three million visitors annually.

Frieze Goes Green and Reduces Consumption

Frieze has made plans to cut emissions by 50%, switching from diesel to biofuels. This alone makes a big difference when there are around 60,000 visitors coming to Frieze every year. Plus, restaurants at the Royal Court only have meat in 25% of their dishes. Cutting consumption does the right thing in that location, and it’s a signal to the sector that the tide is changing.

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