GreenFiber – Recycling Paper in Innovative Ways

Paper recyclingIn the US market, the insulation business has been in existence for the past 40 years. But for the very first time, a green company is using paper to make insulation. GreenFiber is the first company to convert paper into cellulose insulation. As a matter of fact, it is creating products to compete with fiberglass, the most readily used material in the insulation market.

Natural insulation products

GreenFiber creates products that are completely natural, and since these products are used as insulation, they help reduce the energy required to heat domestic and commercial buildings as well. The company makes the insulation using 85% recycled paper. So, the manufacturing cost of the company is very reasonable, and through this initiative, it uses paper waste that occupies a lot of space in the landfills.

Collecting paper waste to create eco friendly promotional items

GreenFiber gets help from the local municipal communities and other commercial recycling businesses to collect its raw materials. The company also accepts waste from retailers and other public organizations. GreenFiber requires a lot of waste materials to complete its operations every month. These waste materials include pizza boxes, newspapers, flyers, cardboard pieces, and other paper material that is used to make eco friendly promotional items.

Once the company collects the waste material, it is prepared for recycling. The company needs to grind these materials into a single mixture. Once the mixture is created, fire retardants need to be introduced in it. Once this process is completed, the waste paper is converted into cellulose insulation. At present, the company has around 8 manufacturing plants across US, and on an average, it recycles an impressive 350 tons of waste to make insulation daily.

Recycled insulation competing with fiberglass

In the US, the insulation market is dominated by fiberglass. So, where does this recycled insulation stand in comparison to it? Randall Maxey, the Maintenance Manager at GreenFiber’s recycling plant in Phoenix, states that in areas of mold protection, soundproofing, and airflow, customers prefer cellulose insulation to fiberglass. Since the products made by the company are Class 1/A fire rated, customers are assured of the quality and don’t mind investing their money in it. The company also has a certificate from the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute. This certificate states that the products made by the company offer higher insulation in comparison to fiberglass (approximately 57 percent higher protection).


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