Why do Grocery Bag Handles Fail?

Grocery bags have changed considerably over the past century. Everyone used to bring home a brown paper bag that they could fold up and use later, turn into a school project, or use for gardening. These bags turned into plastic bags because they were smaller, cheaper, and easier to store. Now that we know plastic bags do to the environment, we are making a change again. You might have invested in some bags with bad handles that failed almost instantly. We have a solution for you.

Come to Custom Grocery Bags when you are ready for stronger and more durable bags with powerful handles that make them safe to use anywhere.

Why do Grocery Bag Handles Fail?

Grocery bag handles are typically not affixed to the bag like they should be. Plastic stretches and breaks when you put too many heavy items in the bag. Paper bags with the handles just cut out of the sides will tear almost instantly. Other shopping bags might have handles that are attached, but the glue is very weak. Some companies even sew on their handles, but they do not use the proper technique.


We use x-stitching to affix handles to all our bags. You can look closely and see that we have stitched around the part of the handle that attaches tot he bag while also stitching an X across this patch. This makes the handles much stronger, and it prevents the handles from failing even when you are carrying heavy items. This is not only the smart play, but it makes your bags more functional for your customers.

If you give these bags away or sell them they had better hold up. You can be sure that they will when you have this style.

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