Grocery Bags: Simple Summer Project Hacks For Everyone

Organizing your home and ensuring that your summer is productive can be difficult. You want to take advantage of the nice weather, but that’s often hard when you don’t know where to start these projects or how to complete them efficiently. Use these tips to make the most of both your grocery bags and your summer projects.

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Grocery Bags and Painting

Open the windows and paint every room in the house. Not a bad idea for your house because the weather is nice enough that you can leave the windows wide open and ventilate the space properly. At the same time, dealing with paint is a major hassle. You can use recycled and reusable grocery bags to carry paint cans from one room to another, store paint brushes or rollers, and carry the pans where you’ll spread out that paint.

If you left everything in just a couple reusable grocery bags, you would be all set for an entire summer of painting everything from the bathrooms to the kitchen and living room.


Summer is the perfect time to do crafts and simply enjoy decorating the house. However, crafts are difficult to organize, and they can get jumbled pretty easily. Instead of assuming you can’t craft, put one craft in one bag. You can even put a tag on the bag showing which craft is in that bag. Not only are you organized, but you can go back to that craft at any time, pack up quickly, and help keep the kids tidy when they craft with you.

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