Group 41 – An Eco-friendly Enterprise Producing Modern Homes

Eco homesAt present, many green organizations are making efforts to try and produce eco friendly promotional items. A San Francisco based design and architecture firm, Group 41 is one among these green organizations. Over the years, this firm has produced some fascinating eco-friendly designs, and currently it is working on building modern architectural houses using eco-friendly materials.

Group 41 – trying to fuse eco-friendly and modern designs

Group 41 was founded by Joel Karr who has been a part of the commercial architecture industry for the last 18 years. He confesses that after 18 years, he was exhausted working with corporates and wanted to work on projects that were more meaningful. So, he launched a company that would focus on individual architectural needs and not commercial buildings.

Developing modern designs using eco friendly promotional items

Karr stated that he was exposed to the concept of eco-friendly buildings when he was living in Japan. As a child, he planned on using freight containers to build objects, and over the years he has tried to infuse them into his architectural designs.

One of Karr’s most famous works is the H House. The H House is an eco-friendly house that was showcased for the first time in the year 2009. Karr created a lot of the elements for this house using shipping containers. During the launch, he stated that many architects design houses to meet the needs of the buyer and don’t add their individualistic designs to the project. But, the focus of his firm is to make projects that reflect the architect’s personal design, more like art.

The H House had many other eco-friendly features as well, such as solar panel heaters. The company used solar energy panels for heating solutions in the house and used other eco-friendly material for the cooling system as well. But the shipping containers used in the house were the most unique feature of it. The company took efforts to get these containers recycled and prefabricated them as well. Karr confesses that his designs are not completely eco-friendly at present, but he and his colleagues try their best to reduce the environmental footprint of their firm.

Group 41’s other projects

At present, the company is trying to come up with green modernistic designs. According to Karr, green modernistic designs will be well-appreciated by the masses, as they will fuse aesthetic appeal with a cause. Recently, the company also renovated an old house. This house, initially depicting Italian architecture, was turned into an energy-efficient modern home after the renovation.


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