Hampton recycling Issue: Easiest Solution Is to Use Prepaid Bags

Reusable bagsExeter is a model neighboring town for Hamptonto show the city ways to increase recycling its waste and reduce the money spent on disposal of garbage. To stop the excess of garbage generation in Exeter during the early 1990s, the city introduced a pay-as-you 0throw garbage disposal program. Hampton is planning to follow this exact route to help reduce its garbage generation drastically.

Following the pay-as-you-throw program includes the residents having to prepay for trash disposal by investing in a specially marked garbage cover or bag. Exeter charges a dollar for a fifteen gallon bag and two dollars for a thirty three gallon bag.

The program works: The more you pay the lesser you put in

Since the program charges for the disposal, people tend to put in less amounts of trash, making the program a success. Residents turn towards eco-friendly measure such as utilizing wholesale reusable bags and other eco-promotional items to help reduce the amount of trash they generate.

The fee for trash disposal ensured that the residents segregated their garbage into recyclables and compostable, which also helped increase the amount of trash recycled. Soon as the program was introduced in Exeter, there was almost a fifty percent increase in the amount of trash recycled. Looking at this example Hampton also hopes to increase its trash recycling numbers.

Either pay for the program or switch to seed paper bags and other reusable options

Since the residents of Hampton were a little reluctant to pay as per the program, the plan failed the first few times. But now, the officials have given a simple choice to the residents. They can either pay immediately and buy trash bags or just pay later through their taxes. To avoid buying these trash bags, residents have to watch their garbage generation.

Most people don’t want to pay the price for the bags and have opted for eco-friendly measure such as reusable bags, composting and recycling. With every passing year, the process of disposing trash is bound to become easier as recyclable materials will increase tremendously in value.

The pay-as-you-throw scheme helps reduce the entire amount of trash by helping to increase the recycling levels. It helps the people to notice and think what exactly they are outing into the trash bags, making the scheme an asset. Hampton is bound to become a trash free city quite soon if it follows the program diligently.

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