Home Battery Plus Solar Panels Pick Up Popularity

In the Bay Area alone, the home battery plus solar panels is very popular. As homeowner consider how they can go green, this is a good choice. However, how does the system work? How can it integrate with other things in your house. You can learn more about it here and consider your options below.

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What is a Home Battery?

A home battery is a storage unit for solar energy. When you have solar panels on your home, you can store power you don’t use. Plus, you can sell your excess power to the power company at a profit. in doing so, you are carbon-negative.

Plus, these products raise your home’s value. You are doing the right thing for your wallet, and you can even rent the house with confidence if you plan to keep it after moving.

EV Owners and the Home Battery

More people across America are buying EVs and going green with their cars. It only stands to reason, then, that they would go with a battery inside the houe. Tying the two technologies together has been profitable for Tesla, and it is a natural progression for modern homes.

Avoiding Blackouts

After Winter Storm Uri effectively shut down Texas in early 2021, solar and home battery sales are up. These products allow users to keep the power on no matter what happens.

America also has a long history of blackouts and brownouts. Los Angeles was beset by rolling blackouts in the 80s (most notably during the reign of the Night Stalker.) New York’s had the same issue. Installing something on the house to avoid these issues is a no brainer for homeowners.

In all these things, homeowners can be confident that they are modernizing without losing money.

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