Inspiring Beach Cleanup Project in India

While a beach cleanup project is only the beginning of the road, it is a good start. Universities in India are banding together to help the subcontinent’s coastline heal. Learning about how these projects work is a good way to learn what you can do in your community. You can read more about these beach cleanups here.

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Beach Cleanups Inspired by Academia

The Puducherry Coast is the first target for researchers from the Universities of Hyderabad & Pondicherry. Rohit Bondugula, a PhD student at Hyderabad and World Green Army co-founder says, “These clean-up drives will be carried out regularly every week so that our efforts will make sure the beaches are clean and there won’t be any harm to the marine animals like sea anemones, barnacles, chitons, crabs, isopods, limpets, mussels, sea stars, snails and turtles which are found on the beaches. We are also running awareness campaigns and are in talks with the local fishermen and coastal area residents for initiating the clean-up drives and maintaining their neighbourhood clean.”

Other projects are working on the thousands of miles of Indian coastline, and you can learn more about them here.

Beach Cleanups in Your Community

While you may not live near the ocean, remember that there are beaches all across America. Towns with recreational lakes have beaches they must tend. National and state parks are especially hard-hit by traffic from tourists over major holidays. You might have beaches along natural bodies of water that are not modernized.

If you hike or enjoy vacations in a cabin in the wilderness, make sure the beach is clean. If you can, start a cleanup project with the people in the community. Banding together always makes the work easier.

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