International Cat Day and Other Holiday Fun

International Cat Day is August 8th, 2021, but cats are just one way to attract customers to your business. You don’t want to think of this just in terms of how you can use cats as marketing tools. You can consider how your business and cats work together.

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Cats and Marketing

Whether you like cats or not, you can use them as a simple way to market your business. Most people have pets or love animals, and they will be attracted to the cuteness you’ve added for this particular holiday. Of course, a holiday like this generally passes pretty quickly, but you still want to make it a big deal for your business.

When you make light of cute cats and want your customers to feel welcome, use cats and kittens in your marketing. Plus, you can add them to anything. You might own a pet store, grooming business, or vet’s office. This is the perfect time to add cute kittens to your promotional items, custom bags, and marketing.

You might also do something for the holiday for a market, furniture store, or gift store. No matter the style of your business, there is a way to make cats fit right in.

How Far Should Your Marketing Go?

You can take your marketing as far as you want. No one is stopping you. Plus, you know the personality of your business. You know how far you can go. You know what your business can do to make the community happy and attract more customers. If your business is a little more buttoned up, make your marketing feel a little more professional. If you feel you can be whimsical, be whimsical.

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