ISO Promotes Eco-friendly Construction

Eco friendly construction  Keeping in mind the growing need for ecofriendly buildings, ISO (International Organization For Standardization) has altered the existing commercial building classifications. The new classifications address the usage of alternative energy sources in any commercial space and will benefit all organizations that are making efforts to reduce their environmental footprint.

Commercial building classification for alternative energy sources

The new classifications by ISO have three major components or areas, including solar panel arrays, wind turbines, and charging stations for electric vehicles, and are scheduled to come into effect by 2013. According to ISO’s Insurance Programs and Analytic Services Division’s Senior Vice president, Beth Fitzgerald,  ISO will continue making changes that will support and propagate ecofriendly construction. In his view, environmental issues have gained significant importance in all business forums, especially since the recent past and thus the usage of alternate energy resources has also escalated.

Fitzgerald states that many corporations are becoming environmentally conscious, and there are several reasons that can be attributed to this trend. Some companies may want to capitalize on the subsidies and tax credits they receive by incorporating ecofriendly attributes to their businesses. Whereas, other organizations may sincerely be concerned by the environmental issues and may want to reduce their environmental footprint. So, looking at the changing trends, it was important for ISO to recognize the use of alternative energy sources in businesses as well.

Another reason as to why these classifications have been introduced is the growing popularity of electric vehicles. Looking at the escalating cost of gas and other fossil fuels, many people have switched over to using electric cars. To facilitate employees with electric cars, many commercial spaces have constructed charging stations as well.

Fitzgerald feels that since alternative energy sources are gaining popularity, it is ISO’s duty to inform customers regarding costs of current risks and compile data for future analysis as well. So according to him, these classifications are essential at the initial stages.

ISO promotes alternative energy sources and eco friendly promotional items

ISO is famous for being an information agent for various property and risk related issues. Since 1971, it has been formulating statistical data concerning commercial properties and insurance. It serves a variety of consumers ranging from insurers, brokers, risk managers, agents, and insurance regulators. The company has always been appreciative of eco friendly promotional items or schemes, and looking at the growing trend of environmentally conscious businesses, it will continue to alter its methods to facilitate its customers.


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