IUS Technologies Launches Operations in the US

GreenIUS Technologies, an ancillary firm of the South-Korea based Vitzro group, is going to launch its operations in the Cumming-Forsyth County in the near future. This company is known to produce energy products that are sustainable in nature. So, the Chamber of Commerce in the county is welcoming them to start their operations in their region.

IUS brings increased employment opportunities

IUS has received 20,000 square feet of land from the local authorities to start its operations at the county. This land is located at the 1355 MacFarland, 400 Drive. According to experts, when the company begins its operations, the residents will have increased employment opportunities. At present, experts predict that almost 150 residents will be able to join the company. In addition, the firm is expected to generate a capital investment of close to $10 million in the coming five years. This investment will help the county establish its other commerce activities and will benefit the residents as well.

IUS’s eco friendly promotional items and other products

At present, IUS intends to produce energy efficient products at this establishment. The company has a range of products that are labeled, ‘Born Smart’. These products or devices are designed to save up on electrical energy. These devices have smart grids that reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the devices. In addition to this, these devices have an increased grid capacity as well, so they function better in comparison to traditional electronic products.

IUS plans on launching these energy efficient products in the US market by the month of January. According to the Operations Manager at IUS, Elizabeth Shin, the company will coordinate with the local businesses to try and produce efficient products. The company will also receive assistance from the state’s economic development department, so they are hoping to establish their startup process as fast as possible.

Shin stated that the company looked at many counties before finalizing the location for their firm. She feels that the Forsyth County officials were extremely supportive toward them and also strongly believe in their eco friendly promotional items. IUS has earned a recognizable place in the green industry over the years, and has also helped many green businesses cut down on their tax burden. So the officials at the county were thrilled to welcome them. The officials stated that the energy-efficient products produced by the company will not only benefit the residents but also encourage other green businesses to establish themselves.


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