Just Say No!

24345122_lIt all starts with you! All it takes is one person to stand up for what they believe in and others will take notice. As many towns and cities are placing bans and taxes on plastic bags, consumers are now having more power. In the past there has been the option of paper or plastic, now you have the option to say no! By bringing an eco friendly bag from home, you can eliminate the need to pay the tax as well as keep the pollution from plastic down. If your city has yet to place a restriction on plastic bags, you can still make a stand and bring your own from home.

Most stores have re-usable bags for sale and by purchasing one not only are you helping the environment, you are making a great fiscal investment. Most re-usable eco friendly bags have a life span of 7 years.  If you save five cents every time you go shopping over seven years, not only do you make the money back from the original purchase, but you actually save money. By  refusing plastic bags when you shop, stores will start to take notice.

The environment is suffering the consequences of decades of pollution from plastic bags. Many wildlife are suffering deadly punishments from all the waste. Global warming is speeding up because of the process in which plastic is poorly recycled.It is time to let your voice be heard. Go green! Bring your own eco friendly bags with you when you shop and do your part to protect this planet. Just say no to plastic bags.

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