Keep Your Bags Clean While Going Green

Reusable Grocery BagThe benefits of reusable grocery bags far outweigh those of plastic bags, but only if your reusable bags are properly cared for. The bags are good not only because they can they be used more than once, but they are also easy to clean, durable and convenient. Proper care and use of reusable bags include thoroughly cleaning them as well as proper storage and usage.

It’s important to clean your bags after you use them, especially for groceries. You need to take additional precautions to avoid contamination of your food. Sometimes the fabric can become contaminated with germs from food, causing cross-contamination. If you carry raw meats in your reusable grocery bags, it’s especially important to wash them after every use.

Reusable grocery bags are easy to clean. The lining in reusable grocery bags can be removed and washed with hot water and soap to remove anything that may have spilled or leaked on your way home from the store. Cloth reusable bags can be washed in the washing machine and tossed in the dryer. Studies have proven that simply washing the bags will remove 99.98 percent of the germs in a reusable bag.

Another safety tip for using reusable bags is to designate specific bags for specific uses. Either label or color code your reusable bags for meat, produce, vegetables, dairy, cleaning supplies, gym or diaper bag. Germs can contaminate the bags that could make you sick, especially if you place other food in the same bag. Designating the bags will cut down on cross contamination and passing germs from item to item.

Store reusable grocery bags in a cool, dry place, such as in your home or in the garage. Higher temperatures, like those inside of a car or a car’s trunk, can cause germs like Salmonella bacteria to grow faster in a bag that’s not clean.

With proper care, reusable bags can be a safe, healthy alternative to disposable plastic bags.


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