Keeping Eco Warriors in the Fight

When we try to do our best for the environment, we must keep as many eco warriors in the fight as we can. This has become an issue in New York among park rangers and those that protect the state’s precious resources. And, we can assume it’s happening elsewhere. You can read more about the fight to protect the Adirondacks and beyond.

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Retaining Rangers and Eco Warriors

When the State of New York looks to protect the Adirondacks, it has to look at how rangers and ECO officers are compensated. There has been a push to allow these officers to retire with full benefits after 20 years instead of 25, another enticement to make these jobs seem more appealing.

Many people working in the field can leave the beautiful greenery that covers much of New York state and retire elsewhere with less stress and more time left to enjoy it. Making this small change can help keep New York beautiful.

The Adirondacks Need More Eco Warriors

When you read news from the Adirondack Council, you will find that there are too many issues for the public to address alone. Adirondack Park is growing, but the ranger force is shrinking. Even so, search and rescue operations still occur while vacationers travel there every year to escape the summer heat.

New water infrastructure projects are coming, but there must be people there to support the mission. While you may not have the time or resources to head up to the Adirondacks to help, you can give back to the cause in your local community where these issues might also persist.

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