Keeping Pets Cool: 4 Simple Tips

When you want your pets to stay cool this summers, there are several things you can do to make their lives more comfortable. As we walk through these steps, remember that you often should provide these things to your pets in moderation because they are smaller than you and do not have the tolerances that humans do.

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Pets Love Watermelon

Your cats and dogs likely love watermelon. This is a fun snack to give them occasionally to help them deal with the hot weather. They can only eat the flesh of the watermelon, and you want them to eat just a little in moderation as a treat.

Please note — if you have a diabetic pet, they should not be eating watermelon because the natural content is so high.

The Cooling Fan

We all love a good misting fan, and so will your pets. Yes, even your cats will likely want to have a misting fan they can just pass in front of for a moment or two. You can purchase a professional-grade misting fan, or you can spray a little cool water in front of the fan as your pets pass by. They don’t want to get soaked, but they can cool down with help from the fan.

The Puppiccino

Anyone who has or loves dogs knows what the puppiccino is. You go to your favorite coffee house — you know the one we mean — and ask for a little cup of whipped cream. Again, if your pet is diabetic, this is not the treat for them.

Dogs can have a little whipped cream — in proportion with their size — and cats can have a tiny taste, but not much. Cats are lactose intolerant so a little nibble is about as far as you should go. However, this is a nice treat time that is cool, refreshing, and fun for all your pets.

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