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Green energyIn recent days, more number of people are concerned about protecting the environment. Some people use eco-friendly promotional items to spread environmental awareness. Here are some interesting tips to help you practice an environment friendly lifestyle.

Trends in green technologies

Green convention: The green conventions are set up to discuss environmental problems.  Major initiatives are then taken to streamline the garbage disposal and other environment sensitive processes.

Extensive campaigns are held to minimize wastage and eco-friendly promotional products are given out. People are made to understand the hazards of plastic usage and improper wastage disposal on the terrestrial and marine environment.

Cloud whitening- The process of cloud whitening involves spraying seawater on clouds as whitened clouds are more reflective. Climatic conditions can be altered when most of the sun’s rays are reflected away from the clouds.

Global warming effects can thus be minimized by enhancing the cloud reflectivity. It is easy to implement the process and is relatively inexpensive, hence making it a perfect technique to curb the greenhouse effect.

Eco friendly promotional items and green alternatives

Toilet paper that can be reused: The product is made out of cloth, promising better comfort. Washing and storage is not a problem because the toilet papers are prepared out of cloth of premium quality that doesn’t smell. Paper towels are scientifically prepared and designed for better hygiene. It is a sensible choice because cloth can be easily washed. Valuable paper resources are saved which are otherwise dumped in landfills.

Conventional toilet paper on the other hand is made out paper pulp drawn from trees. The crude paper is chemically sanitized and bleached white. The paper rolls manufactured in factories are transported all across the world everyday. The extensive use of paper towels negatively impacts the environment.

However, the cotton sheet towels are of a more comfortable texture and can be reused after thorough washing. The reusable model is hence a sustainable choice when compared to the disposable alternative.

Growing your own food:  Growing your vegetables in your backyard, gives you access to fresh vegetables and fruits at the comfort of your home. It gives you better control over the quality of the food you eat.

You also do your part to conserve the environment because a lot of fuel lost in transportation is saved. All year through, you can have veggies free from pesticides and fertilizers.

You may harvest your vegetables at your convenience. Also, home grown vegetables are most often healthier than those available at stores. Apart from giving you the benefits of healthy food, gardening gives you the joys of a pleasant pastime.


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