Local Food is known to be Trendy, but is it Also Eco-Friendly?

Eco foodWith the country going green, quite a few questions are being raised regarding the food that is grown locally. It is quite a trend among urbanites in USA to buy from the farmer’s market and cook locally grown food, but the question is if it is truly eco-friendly. Locally grown food is stirring quite a few debates as new studies are suggesting that the benefits of these foods are being oversold.

Residents, however, are supporting the marketing of local food as they get a better feeling while shopping at the nearest farmer’s market instead of buying from the regular grocery stores. Stores that sell locally grown food are opening all over the nation, and quite a number of farmers’ markets are open all year round. Even the current American President’s wife, Michelle Obama, has taken to growing her own vegetables and fruits in her much-publicized kitchen garden.

Local food might just not be eco-friendly

Two books have been released, which suggest that local food might not necessarily be eco-friendly like how people think they are. Even though local food travels fewer miles than the food grown elsewhere, it is found that greenhouse gas emissions occur at the farm itself. So transporting the food from miles away may not be as hazardous as thought of before. Food production tends to release quite a few greenhouse gases, during the use of equipment, tractors and materials.

Local food might not be an eco-friendly promotional item after all

The books suggest that it is up to the residents to decide if they want to buy locally grown food or not, but the books are asking residents to not buy them for eco-friendly purposes. Buy locally grown food to support area farmers or for its freshness, says the books, an environmental group, TheUnionof Concerned Scientists have suggested this theory.

But there have been no declared announcements or studies to show that they aren’t eco-friendly. The studies mentioned in the books are just suggestive. Locally grown food is still sold as part of the eco-friendly promotional items list and residents are continuing to support this particular type of food. Locally grown food is however, proven to be healthier and feasible. Also, locally grown food is considered to be eco-friendly as there is less energy used to grow the food on less land and also help cut-down transportation costs.

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