Localities of Fredericksburg Continue to Recycle More of the Waste Generated

Recycling InitiativeThe residents of Fredericksburg are doing quite a good job by recycling their wastes, according to what the reports by the state government have to say. Over 56 percent of the waste in Fredericksburg was recycled in the year 2011, according to what the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality had to state.  All that waste recycled has increased by 2 percent since the year 2010.

According to the state reports, the recycling percentage across the entire region was about 43.5 percent, which has increased from 40.5 percent in the year 2011. Fredericksburg and Stafford County have so far had the highest recycling rates in the whole region, at about 54.5 percent. Both the mentioned places have jointly operated the Solid Waste Management Board of Rappahannock Region landfill, which is off Eskimo Hill Road in the count of Stafford.

Amongst other larger localities, the R-Board was second

Recycling and using eco-friendly promotional items are some of the commonly practiced green measures in the United States of America and Canada as well. When looking at the waste recycled, the R-Board came second after the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority, which has recycled 57 percent of the waste. The Waste Management Authority of Central Virginia, incudes about twelve localities in the area of Richmond.

The Recycling Board, which is a combined effort of Fredericksburg and Stafford County, utilizes a single-stream recycling system. In this system, recyclables such as glass, aluminum, plastics and paper do not have to be separated by the residents. Most of the other area jurisdictions in the United States of America have multi-stream systems, which requires separate bin for the recyclables.

After usage of wholesale reusable bags, recycling is the next popular green measure

The Recycling Board has recycled about 94,296 tons of the waste it has collected in the year 2011. Over 179,547 tons of waste was collected in that year. On the list of most waste recycled in the area, after the first two contenders came Spotsylvania County, which had recycled about 41 percent of its waste. It recycled over 38,338 tons of waste from the total 78,401 tons that was collected. Rounding out the rest of the list, Fauquier has recycled 39 percent, King George had recycled 38 percent and Louisa has recycled 23 percent of the waste collected. Caroline and Orange were the places with the least percentage of waste recycled; 17 and 16 percent respectively.

Source: http://news.fredericksburg.com/newsdesk/2012/10/21/localities-recycling-more-of-their-waste/

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