Make a Style Statement with Tire Bags and Custom Canvas Bags

Tire Bags and Custom Canvas Bags

The need to recycle tires

According to statistics, every year close to a billion tires are disposed into landfills in the US. Out of the total number of tires that are thrown into the landfills, only 25 percent of the tires are recovered by recycling centers. The rest of the tires occupy a lot of space in the landfills, and are non-biodegradable. So they affect the lifespan of the landfill adversely.

Sometimes the landfill authorities burn some of the tires so that not enough space in the landfills is occupied by the waste. However, this practice damages the atmosphere, as burning the tires releases toxic materials such as lead, benzene, styrene, butadiene, and carcinogens into the air.

Custom canvas bags and other innovative bags produced by GG2G

GG2G is an innovative fashion house that has produced stylish bags using old used tires and old billboards in the past. This company is located in Connecticut, and it has produced these bags in association with NYU or New York University. The company uses old billboards to make the bags, as billboards are a major cause of landfill pollution. Billboards are changed very often, and so they occupy a lot of space in landfills. Besides, they are made using vinyl which is a type of plastic that is non-biodegradable in nature. So it is essential that vinyls are reused for various purposes, and kept out of the landfills.

Make your own custom bags

Individuals, who are interested in recycling waste at their houses, can use the waste materials to make stylist bags. For instance, waste canvas material can be used to make custom canvas bags with minor stitching abilities and adhesive. Furthermore, seat-belts from old cars can be used to make slings for bags. In addition to this, the inner tubes of tires can also be used to make bags. However, before using these tubes, one needs to get the tires processed from a mechanic to ensure that the tubes don’t smell. In some cases, individuals can mix canvas as well as old tire remains to make a patchwork bag that would look very unique and chic, and would be sturdy to use as well.


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