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16440447_lLike anything else in life, change can be scary. The fear of the unknown is what prevents most people from straying from their normal routine. Going green might seem like a daunting task that is extremely time consuming. However, that is not the case! Little things such as making sure the light switches are off when you leave the room, or using cloth napkins instead of paper ones can go a long way. Another helpful tip that is good for both the environment and local economy is switching to a local farmers market. Not only are you helping local farmers stay in business so they can continue to grow crops, you are eating healthier produce.  Additionally, paying your bills online or even filing your taxes electronically will reduce the amount of paper printed. Carpooling with coworkers for work, or friends to school and social events would greatly cut down the amount of toxins pumped into the air from our fuel.

Do you enjoy a nice refreshing glass of ice water on a hot summer day, or the warmth of a steamy glass of coffee on a winter night? If so, make the switch to refillable bottles to enjoy these beverages. Not only do they keep your drinks at the desired temperature, they eliminate the waste from throwing out paper cups. When you take a trip to pick up groceries every week, bring an eco friendly reusable bag from home. The bags make it more convenient to carry all the groceries and also remove the need to use plastic bags which are horrible for the environment.

These are just small everyday things that can help our environment and get you started going green! As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in this world”.

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