The Many Ways to Use Jute

Jute is just one of the many eco-friendly, renewable materials you can select for your reusable grocery bags. But did you know that jute has a plethora of other uses? The inexpensive, versatile and 100% biodegradable fiber is used for a lot more than you can imagine.

Jute grows quickly making it an easily renewable and sustainable natural resource. The fibers can be spun into strong threads for many commercial and agricultural uses. The fact that it is natural and biodegradable makes it a great eco-friendly choice to replace synthetic fibers in many products.

It is classified as a ligno-cellulosic fiber, which means that not only can it be used as a textile fiber, but as a wood fiber as well. This helps cut down on deforestation for many products made from wood pulp including paper. Since jute has a much shorter growth cycle than trees, it is the environmentally responsible choice.

Jute matting is also used to stabilize soil and prevent flood erosion while establishing natural vegetation. Young trees grown in biodegradable jute containers can be directly planted into the ground without the root trauma of replanting.

With the trend towards eco-friendly, natural products rising, jute has been regaining popularity as a fabric for clothing. Jute fabric is known to be extremely comfortable and breathable. The fabric is commonly used for sweaters, underwear and espadrilles. It is also used to make camouflage gillie suits. Very fine Jute threads can even be woven into imitation silk cloth.

The leaves on Jute are edible. They are often used in recipes in many countries, as an herb to flavor soups, stews, teas and vegetable dishes. Jute leaves are noted for their high levels of beta-carotene, folic acid, calcium and iron.

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