Maximize Your Recycling Efforts

recycling eventIn regards to recycling, every little bit helps. Taking the time to sort out your garbage or to reuse old products is a great first step in recycling properly. Here are a few more ideas to increase your recycling efforts.

Make it a point to buy recycled goods. Many manufacturers are producing goods from recycled materials. Recycled items you can purchase include paper products, clothing, building supplies, recycled reusable bags and more. The packaging for many items today is made with recycled material such as cereal boxes and plastic containers for household cleaning products. By purchasing recycled goods, you increase the demand for recycling.

The next time you take that supply of plastic grocery bags to the recycling box at your store, look and see if they have a list of other items you can include with your bags to recycle. Some stores accept a lot of other plastic for recycling such as bread bags, produce bags, newspaper bags and plastic packaging and wraps.

Read the codes on plastic containers. Not all materials can be recycled in the same way, especially in regards to plastic goods. The numbered codes imprinted on the product determines how and where you can recycle them, many of them can go in your curbside recycling, but some can’t.

Think outside the (cardboard) box. A number of companies have started programs to recycle items you may not have previously considered, like wine corks and electronics. Check with nearby companies to see if they have any special recycling programs going on.

Keep current with local recycling laws, they are frequently updated to allow previously rejected items. The recycling industry has undergone a number of changes, and many times, different regions treat recycling in different ways. Look up your local laws at your city’s website.

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