Memphis City Council Upgrades the Recycling System

systemTo encourage recycling among the residents, the Memphis city council is planning on upgrading their existing recycling system. In the new system, the residents will not have to segregate the waste into different categories. The officials feel that if the residents need to dispose the waste without segregating it, more people would participate in the recycling activities. Therefore, they are planning on introducing a single-stream recycling system as a replacement for their existing one.

The new recycling system

The city officials are planning on launching an overhaul in 2013, which will upgrade the existing recycling method to a single-stream recycling system. In the new system, the residents can put all their waste materials into a single bin. Therefore, plastic, paper, metal, and glass can be disposed together without segregation.

The officials are hoping that with the new system, more residents will be encouraged to recycle and dispose their waste. At present, the city landfills are reaching their saturation levels at an alarming rate. So the city council members are worried about the fact that they might have to relocate the landfill to a new spot. Currently, the city council pays approximately $24 to dispose a single ton of garbage; with more landfills coming into place, the disposal expenditure of the council will double.

According to the Director of the solid waste management system at the county, Andy Ashford, with this new recycling system, the county is hoping that more residents will participate in recycling activities, otherwise the issue of waste disposal will reach unmanageable levels soon. To facilitate the residents, the county will also take additional steps such as providing bigger carts in the city premises, he added.

The county encouraging the usage of eco friendly promotional items

According to a survey, around 70 percent of the residents in the county participate in the recycling activities occasionally. While only 30 percent of the families in the county send out their waste every week to get recycled. Looking at the disparity in these numbers, the officials have taken up the initiative to encourage the residents to recycle and use eco friendly promotional items. Many other counties follow a single-stream recycling system, such as Germantown and Collierville. These counties seem to be satisfied with a single-stream setup. So the officials in Memphis are hoping that their up-gradation to the new system will happen smoothly and will give the desired results as soon as possible.


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