Morgan County Recycling Program Picking Up Steam

RecyclingThe Single Stream Recycling Program at Morgan County is starting to pick up as more and more people are making use of the pilot program.  The Board of Commissioners in Morgan County have recently released data that points to the increased interest in the novel recycling affair. Similar recycling programs have been launched in several counties in the United States with varying degrees of success.

The Single Stream Recycling Program

All residents of Morgan County can make use of the program but there’s a catch. The program is not mobile yet, so recyclables have to be brought to the dumping ground. The County has embarked on an awareness drive to get more people to notice the program. Customers are being handed flyers and there is a plan to print more color sheets to hand out to kids. Alberta Naill, the County Environment Manager has said their aim is to get people involved and interested in the program.

The County’s efforts have clearly borne fruit since the number of people visiting the landfill with their recyclables has been steadily increasing. In July, thirty seven residents used the facility. The first week of August has already seen seven people bringing in stuff to be recycled.

In Single Stream Recycling, there is no need to sort out items, but odds and ends such as plastic films, rubber bands, labels, lids, rings etc have to be removed.

Materials such as cans, aluminum cans, tin cans and foils, steel cans, pie plates, junk mail and office paper shreds, plastic bottles, newspapers, phone books and magazines can also be recycled. There are certain things such as plastic bags, ceramics, bubble wraps, paper cups, food and candy wrappers, juice or milk cartons that cannot be recycled at the landfill in Morgan County. Corrugated cardboards can be recycled.

Going green: Seed paper and other options

Recycling confers many benefits. It is good for the community and economy, since it creates more local jobs. The amount of trash disposed off in landfills reduces and there is less pollution to contend with. Recycling is also very lucrative. Materials made from seed paper are in high demand. Some companies have taken recycling to the next level, creating beautiful eco friendly promotional items and reusable bags. Morgan County has made a good start towards a greener environment with its Single Stream Recycling campaign.


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