National Coloring Book Day – How to Celebrate

August 2nd, 2021 is National Coloring Book Day. This is a wonderful way for you to market your business and welcome new guests. Think of how the coloring book can fit into your business plan. By making the most of this holiday, you can transform your business into a kid-friendly location that drives traffic in new and interesting ways.

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Why Are Coloring Books Fun?

Coloring books are fun because they allow you to create something unique and fun. Plus, they are an easy sell for parents with small kids. These books also give adults a way to distract themselves or destress while they are working. Basically, if you making coloring books part of your business plan, you are going to attract people who want to work with a fun and kid-friendly business.

How Does This Match Your Business Plan?

This idea matches your business plan because you can make it about your company. Think of what makes the most sense. You sell office supplies — you need adult coloring books. You sell pet supplies, maybe you find something for the kids. Think of who to target, and offer coloring books or coloring supplies to everyone who comes through.

Most people who come through want to at least grab a couple crayons and a few pages to color. Yes, adults think this is fun.

Coloring Contests

Coloring contests are a good way for you to make waves with your guests, get them to come back, and make the holiday more fun. Give away a simple prize. Offer a discount. Gift certificates. Make it fun because people might come back hoping to color more and win more.

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