National Friendship Day – The Sale

Celebrating National Friendship Day on August 1, 2021 is the perfect way to bring more customers to your business. Everyone loves to celebrate their friends, and this particular holiday can fit into any marketing plan — big or small.

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Why National Friendship Day?

You’re choosing a holiday that connects with your customers. Yes, if you run a niche business you should absolutely host promotions on niche holidays. You sell basket? You’re celebrating National Underwater Basketweaving Day. Obviously. However, most businesses are not so niche that they have that one day that’s just for them.

This is why you choose National Friendship Day and make it all about friends. Young and old. Big or small.

What Are You Offering?

You are offering whatever promotion you think is most appropriate for this holiday. On the one hand, you can use National Friendship Day to offer discounts to friends who show up together to shop with you. You can sell your products in twos — one for you and one for them.

You might offer gift packages to give to friends, or you might use themed “friendship” merchandise to drive the sale.

Can You Celebrate After August 1?

Yes! Why not? Make this holiday a day that drives your business, period. You can focus on promotional items and custom bags just for friends. You can even personalize these items with names, dates, and the contact info for your business. Think big. Think of all the things you can do out of just this one holiday.

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