National Wine and Cheese Day – July 25th

July 25th is National Wine and Cheese Day, but this is more than a day for your favorite charcuterie board and pinot. You can make this day about your business, the events you manage, the products you sell, or the services you offer. Custom Grocery Bags is ready to help and make this an effective and powerful marketing tool that goes beyond wine, cheese, and friends.

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Why Wine and Cheese?

Wine with cheese is a classic combination. You don’t need to put together a meal fit for Bocuse and Ripert — you just need a nice cheese board and some good wine. Plus, this allows you to target all types of customers for this holiday. You can create a whole community of shoppers around this holiday, or you can deliver the products that make this day special.

Custom Bags?

Custom bags can either sell or deliver your products for this holiday. It’s a lot of fun to build a custom bag with our team at Custom Grocery Bags because we can handle any design you want. Plus, you can advertise the holiday or your love for wine, cheese, and good company on these bags.

Try a Sale

Aside from making light of the holiday, you can try a sale that sort of fits in with the holiday. Choose an angle that matches your business and get to it. You simply want to draw customers in for the holiday and keep their attention.

Order Today

Order today at Custom Grocery Bags to get the perfect bags for National Wine and Cheese Day. We are happy to help you add the perfect design and choose the perfect bag.

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